Your tailored marketing strategy


Online Marketing includes SEA and SEO, website creation, web design and video creation.

We decided to offer only some specific services among this wide range of possibilities. We focus only on those services where our solid skills and technical level allow us to ensure high-quality standards.

See in details all the assets we can put at your service.

Google Ads

This is the main entrance into the Google advertising world: an essential tool to get known by well-defined audiences.

  • Search Campaign: within more than 5 billion searches per day on Google this type of campaign will ensure you appear in the right place at the right time, showing your ad to users who seek your services.
  • Display Campaign: perfect for advertising on Google’s partners websites. You will get a better personalization of your image and you will attract new users based on the websites they visit. This strategy is particularly effective for upper funnel strategies like Brand Awareness or Remarketing.
  • Shopping Campaign: ideal for running ads aimed at selling a large number of products without having to create them manually. Once the data are uploaded with Merchant Center, each product will be eligible to have personalized ads.
  • Video Campaign: perfect for immersive content that creates a lasting impression among users. The different video formats will allow you adapting your campaigns according to the level of the conversion funnel you want to build your strategy on.
  • App Campaign: this is frequently used to obtain more downloads. However, it is also possible to set it up for more specific actions (Sales, Subscriptions, registrations) within the App.


This year the return on investment of Email Marketing campaigns was 3800% and Mailchimp is one of the best tools on the market.

  • Flexible plans and budgets: huge budget are not fundamental. The features of basic Email Marketing plans allow every kind of business to explore this tool. with basic plans.
  • Personalized automation: thanks to intelligent automation, your emails will only be sent at the right moment of decision-making process.
  • Audience acquisition: different acquisition tools are available to easily expand your audience. The personalized forms can be integrated into any website.
  • Similar audiences: based on your acquired audience, made of loyal customers interested in your offers, Mailchimp creates similar audiences with a conversion rate up to four times higher than the average.


Your website is your open door on the world. This virtual showcase is at the heart of your activity and we will help you optimizing its content and technical performances.

  1. Google Analytics set up: recording and analyzing the behavior and sources of your internet traffic is essential to assess your performance and redefine your strategy.
  2. Google Tag Manager set up: a single interface to integrate Remarketing tags, personalized events and goals that meet your specific needs.
  3. Conversions set up: we will implement conversion tracking to record the actions that are important to you based on the implemented campaigns.
  4. Landing page: we will create landing pages to run A/B tests and improve your the results.

“The goal is not always set to be achieved, but to serve as a focus.”

Joseph Joubert