Make sure you are on the right path


Whether you collaborate with us or choose other partners, these tips can be useful for checking and optimizing your performance.

Ownership and security of your Google Ads account

  • Keep administrative access to your account: make sure you always have “administrative” user access level in your account. This will allow you to verify all the information related to your campaigns and billing.
  • Your payment profile: request to pay Google fee invoices with your payment profile. It will avoid you to be overcharged by intermediaries.
  • Monthly reports: keep in touch with your agency regularly and ask for at least one meeting per month. You will be able to understand what has been done and help the agency to identify new advertising possibilities.

Advertising Budget

  • Be specific in your goals and expectations: do not see agencies as wizards that will do everything on their own. Share with them your goals, your expectations and your knowledge of the product.
  • Always ask for a conversion tracking: the conversion tracking is the main way to check the efficacy of your campaigns.
  • Check discrepancies between interfaces and your real return: many conversion tracking records duplicate or are not correctly set up. Comparing Google Ads data with your real return is a good habit to make sure that you are on the right path.

Optimising your campaigns

  • Everyone is unique: each sector of activity and each advertising campaign has its own peculiarities. Try to compare the performance with your historical results rather than with other sectors that may have different dynamics and costs.
  • Take decisions based on statistics data: usually decisions are taken before having collected enough statistics about their effectiveness. Don’t make this mistake and give your campaigns the right time to show you the best available options.
  • Slowly but surely: in order to analyze the impact of each change, it is important that you make one major change at a time. Move forward step by step: campaigns are dynamic tools that require constant attention. This, and not a need of instant return, will repay you in the long term.